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Micah Allen Losh continues to write and has had the opportunity to help  another ExJW (Scott Homan) with his work. 

Witness Underground

Losh was asked to join a crowdfunding team for a documentary about musicians who were Jehovah's Witnesses. The crowdfund was a success and Witness Underground is on streaming services. He was given promotional marketing education, ongoing promotion of his work and an IMDb film producer credit.

Witness Underground documentary

The Boy Who Loved a Monster

Losh's son was flown to a children's hospital the night he was born. His mother told him to deny his son blood. Since he wasn't taught to question he is developing a poem he wrote for his son into a children's book. The Boy Who Loved a Monster will rhyme and encourage open-mindedness, critical thought, and skepticism.

The Boy Who Loved a Monster


Losh is writing a dark romance about a twin flame. It is an ode to his muse.

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